{The Ordinary Moments 16} #1 -Feeling Anxious

My very first Ordinary Moments post! I have been reading these posts on all different blogs and think they are such a wonderful idea.

I have been reading Katie’s Ordinary Moments posts for a while now, and they are so lovely to read, please go and have a read over at mummydaddyme They have given me real inspiration to start my own!

I have started this blog so that I can look back on such crucial and brilliant memories with my little family. Everyday there is something that makes me beam with happiness about being a mother, just the innocence of my little boy who wakes up every morning so ready to start his day, with such little care in the world. The innocence of just wanting to play, eat and laugh all day. A little boy who will wake up, forgetting if he got upset before he went to bed, or if mummy and daddy were a little grumpy the day before, or even if his baby brother perhaps had an unsettled day. He will always wake up so happy and ready for the day, and this really does humble me.

The holidays have been so amazing for us this year, with having a 2 year old who is becoming so aware of what is happening around him, and beginning to slightly understand the concept of Christmas which is so magical, however this year we have had our new little baby boy to share it with, and having them together for their first Christmas has been so special. We have had such a relaxing time, having days out with the family, have days in on our own, and staying round my in laws.

I absolutely love Christmas, not just for the kids, but this is the only time of year where, for 2 weeks my husband is home all the time. Going from having just one little one to look after to having two, is quite a big transition, and during the normal working weeks, I am on my own until about 6pm, which don’t get me wrong I can quite happily cope with, but it does make me feel quite anxious.

What if they both need something at the same time?  What if they cry at the same time? Which nappy do I change first? Who do I feed first?

I have done this 101 times already since Jacob was born in October, but as the end of my husbands holiday nears, these question just continue to go around in my head, and the anxiety builds.

Although our days together are very normal and probably seem somewhat boring to others. These are the days I absolutely cherish the most. Being on my own in the days with just the little ones, although I wouldn’t want it any other way, can be quite testing at times. Having my husband with me, creates a more stronger and patient character, someone who can deal with the crying coming from all corners of the room, and the conveyor belt of nappy changes. When he’s not here through the days, this becomes a more challenging ordeal.

For me, having my husband home in the days, being together, even if just to watch toy story with me for the 1000th time that same day, to juggle the two children between each other, to restore sanity with each other because our 2 year old and 3 month old have seemingly plotted to have the most epic meltdowns at the exact same time. To be a family.


The most ordinary of moments.











2 thoughts on “{The Ordinary Moments 16} #1 -Feeling Anxious”

  1. Aw I completely get what you are saying and I feel the same too. My husband has been working from home since April so I have got used to having him around and helping me out. I hate it when he now goes away as it is just so much easier having another pair of hands, especially when you have a young baby. x


    1. Aw that’s good for you! I bet its so nice having him home 🙂 I think you feel it more when there are such little ones about. Those extra pair of hands definitely are a god send at times! x


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