Our First ‘Siblings Project’ Post

I have been reading many amazing blogs such as Dear Beautiful, MummyDaddyMe, and Bump to Baby. All have such amazing posts, and one that has caught my eye time and time again is the Siblings Project, and even more so now that I have 2 little boys! I feel I can relate to them so much more, and understand how truly wonderful it is to watch your children grow together. The similarities, the differences, the bond. Its just such an amazing time, so I decided that I would quite like to join this little project!

As it’s my first post, and am now on month 3 since my littlest baby entered the world, I thought I would write about how I feel their bond has grown over this time since he was born.

Finlay has adored his little brother Jacob literally from the moment he laid eyes on him. He has such a gentle and kind personality, he has wanted to hold him from day one, give him massive kisses, and stroke his little head. I could not have been any prouder. My heart was so full of love for my two little boys, and Finlay being so kind and gentle with him just completely topped it all off. I think every parent worries how their children will react to a new sibling. I know I definitely did! Constant worries about whether he would feel left out or as if he’d been replaced. But truth be told, I think he completely relishes in the big brother role, and couldn’t be happier about it!

As Jacob is becoming a little bigger and more aware, I can slowly begin to see that precious bond grow. Jacob loves it when Finlay comes over to him in his little chair to talk to him, he is all smiles and giggles when his big brother is in view. Finlay is forever bringing him toys and trying to get him to join in with his little games. I think its so hard for a toddler to comprehend babies are too small, but luckily he seems to just take it if I say Jacob cant do something.

I have to say I think the one moment that has just completely stood out during these 3 months is when Jacob was so upset whilst waiting for a bottle, and I was obviously busy trying to do this as quickly as I could, that I just left him to cry for a bit. Then it happened, and it was like I was watching in slow motion. Finlay just rushed over to Jacob, put his little hand on his head and continued to stroke his hair, all whilst shushing him and trying to put his dummy in. It’s then when I had one of those “we’ve done good” moments.

I could not be any prouder of my two special little boys, and I cannot wait to see them grow and become the best of friends.





The Me and Mine Project

5 thoughts on “Our First ‘Siblings Project’ Post”

  1. Aah this is so lovely! It’s the best when they randomly decide to go and stroke their younger siblings down to soothe them isn’t it?! It always makes me feel so proud when Ethan does it to Logan! Thank you so much for reading my blog and for commenting. Lovely to see that you’ve started your own blog. Blogging is so much fun, I think you’re going to really love it as times goes on! xx

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  2. Such beautiful boys you have! Its amazing watching their bond grow over time, my eldest has just turned 3 and my littlest is 8 months, its been an incredible journey watching them both grow together, enjoy it 🙂 xx

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