A Struggle With Baby Weight Gain

Having a big baby at birth Jacob weighed 9lb exactly, it never even crossed my mind that I would be having this issue. Ever since he was born, he hasn’t been the best drinker, and has always been so fussy when it comes to drinking his milk, up until he was around 9-10 weeks old he would only ever drink 3oz every 4 hours or so, something that I have found quite difficult to deal with. Every feed is a challenge, to the point of tears, and wanting to just give up trying with it as it has just made me worry so much!

I have a health visitor who comes to weigh him every 3 weeks as he has been putting on so little weight, and its really beginning to worry me. I feel I’ve tried everything from the way we feed him, the bottles we feed him with, the different teat sizes, but the only thing we haven’t tried is changing his milk as I don’t want to upset his little tummy. Since about 10 weeks old, he has been taking much better bottles out of no where, he is now taking between 5-7oz every 3-4 hours, and has about 5 bottles a day, however the only way I’m able to get this into him is if we don’t hold him to feed him, we have to lay him flat on our bed or somewhere he can lay without being restricted as he’s so fidgety.

We last had him weighed a week ago, and I was so sure he was putting on a good amount of weight but was completely disheartened at the fact he has only put 5oz on in the last three weeks. He now weighs 12lb 9oz, and I just feel he is so small for his age. I am at a complete loss, and have no idea what or if I’m doing wrong. He is a very happy and content baby who sleeps from 9pm – 7.30am each night, and is hitting each of his development milestones, and both the doctor and health visitor don’t seem too concerned at the moment, but will be doing some tests in a few weeks if nothing has changed.

Please if you’ve had a similar experience or advice in general I would love to hear it, as I really have no idea what else I can do.




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