My Top Must Have Newborn Products (2nd Time Around)

When I was pregnant with my 2nd son, Jacob, who was born in October, I was extremely anxious about how I was going to juggle my time between two very young little ones! Its hard enough with just one at times, so the thought of having to juggle two really was quite daunting! What would I do when the baby wanted feeding and the toddler wanted food? Who do I go to first? Who holds the newborn whose screaming the house down when I needed to change the toddlers nappy? All these thoughts came around time and time again in my head so I made it my mission to try and find baby products that would help me as much as possible whilst being on my own during the week days.

1. Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine


This product has without a doubt been my absolute favourite Newborn must have! I chose to bottle feed both my little ones from the beginning, but it wasn’t around when Finlay was born, my gosh I physically cannot imagine doing night feeds without it! It takes around two minutes to make a bottle to the perfect temperature! None of that waiting for it to cool malarkey! My only one issue with this product is the beeping, which is rather loud, but still does not take away from what a truly amazing product this is!
We paid around £70-£80 for this but in my opinion is worth every single penny, it’s made life so much easier with how quickly a bottle is made!

2. MAM Self-Sterilising Bottles


With my first child I used Tommee Tippee everything, and although they are a fantastic brand and my son got on so well with their bottles, I couldn’t help but be attracted to these gorgeous bottles! They are fantastic, have really cute designs and can be sterilised in a microwave in 3 minutes! It’s been so handy if I’ve been completely lazy and forgotten to sterilize a bottle by the time a feed comes a long, I can just add 30ml to the bottom part of the bottle, pop the teat in, screw the body back to the base of the bottle, lay the lid on top, and pop it in for 3 minutes! It’s so much quicker than waiting for an electric sterilizer, and I really only need 2 bottles, so a lot less expense, and super handy if you’re going round someones house for a day!
I picked up the starter kit of the MAM bottles which includes:

  • 2 x Anti-Colic 130ml Bottles
  • 2 x Anti-Colic 160ml Bottles
  • 4 x Anti-Colic Body 260ml
  • 4 x Sealing Discs
  • 1 x Mam Soft Spout
  • 1 x Mam Handle
  • 1 x Mam Start Soother

The set is usually priced around £30, but there are always offers on Amazon and we picked ours up for around £20!

3. Joie Serina 2 in 1 Baby Swing Petite Trees

This is such a gorgeous baby swing, I absolutely love the design, and it has been my 2nd pair of hands in time of need! It’s very neutral and has cute little soft toys hanging for baby to look at, it has 6 different speed settings, 2 vibration options, various musical tunes and sounds to sooth baby, a light, 3 recline positions and the chair swivels so baby can rock forwards or sideways! Its such an amazing chair and so handy to help stop little one crying so I can have some time with my eldest!
We paid around £150 for this item, which is rather pricey, but with all those features, and the value of my sanity at times, its been so so worth it!


4. The Gro Company – Gro Snug (Gro Bag/Swaddle)

I am a massive fan of gro bags for little ones to sleep in, they give me lots of piece of mind that no covers will ride up, and they cant get a blanket over their little faces. I really needed a newborn sized one and was on the look out! However when I attended The Baby Show in Birmingham, the Gro Company were putting on a little competition to win one of their lovely Gro Snugs, and I was one of the lucky winners! This little gro bag is so sweet, and not too thick either which is perfect for newborns not to get too hot during the night, the design is very cute, and can be used as unisex although I would say its more boy like colours, but comes in different designs also! The great thing about this Gro Snug is that it can also be used as a swaddle wrap by doing up some poppers where their little arms come through. It’s such a fantastic little design and has been used so much for Jacob!
These are priced at around £22.99

5. Foam Bath Support


With Finlay I always used a baby bath for the first month or two and although they are really handy to use and save you bending over a big bath, I find them so awkward to fill up and carry around. They are so heavy when full up! I decided to give bathing in the big tub a go, and because I wasn’t sure how I would get on leaning over the bath I decided to go for the cheapest option which was this foam support for £7.99 from mothercare. It has been fantastic, little one doesn’t move at all when laying on it and although I’m obviously there with him, I don’t have to constantly lean in and hold him! For only £7.99 I really cant grumble about it! The only point I would make is that its a bit tricky to get into position to rest baby onto it as it floats about, but once Jacob is laid onto it, it doesn’t move. Bargain!



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