{The Ordinary Moments 16} #6 – The Start Of Real Independence

There is no stopping this time in every parents life. As much as most of us often will for the time to come around, so we are able to have an afternoon of peace, and will for them to socialise with others as it is so nice for them to make little friends and begin to socialise in the big world. However, when that time comes, its too quick. Where did my baby go? What if I don’t want an afternoon of peace? What will I do without the afternoon of laughter, making his lunch, and watching cars on repeat? I quite simply don’t want someone else to make his lunch, share his laughter, and make new memories that don’t involve us. But they have to. They have to grow up, and this week, I got my very first glimpse of that.

It’s the complete norm for them to go to Nursery and of course I wouldn’t have that any other way, I of course want him to grow up and make new friends and memories, and gain that independence for himself, but to me its feels so very abnormal. I just cant get my head around him not being here some afternoons, and I feel very anxious about what are essentially strangers looking after my baby, I know he’ll be perfectly safe, but what if he just wants mummy or daddy when he’s upset?

We viewed a lovely Nursery very local to us this week, and it was fantastic, Finlay took to it straight away, and began playing with the other children, and to quite honest, didn’t look back! I felt comfortable because I could see just how happy and ready he is to start this new little chapter in his life. As he was playing away with another child, for a second he stopped, looked up at us, and gave us a little wave, as if to say “Look at me mummy!”, I got all teary eyed and just felt so proud. My little boy is growing up, and I just couldn’t be happier for him. So until September comes around, I really am going to make the most of my days with him.




3 thoughts on “{The Ordinary Moments 16} #6 – The Start Of Real Independence”

  1. I have been having similar feelings to this as am home on mat leave but my toddler will start pre-school and I am torn between having some mummy baby time and spending more precious mornings with my toddler!

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  2. Aw it is such a big step, I remember sobbing in the car on both my girls first day at nursery. But he will absolutely love it and I promise in time you will enjoy that little break too, although I know that people told me that and I didn’t believe them! xx


    1. I know it will be so good for him and it will be nice to have some one on one time with my youngest baby, but so horrible at the same time! I’ve blinked and he’s grown up! Xxx


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