{The Ordinary Moments 16} #7 – The Toddler Silence

Life with a two year old and a 4 month old is far from calm most of the time, and it’s definitely far from quiet! Days are often filled with endless babbling, screaming, laughter, crying and general noise! Which in all honesty is the way I like it, I couldn’t imagine having a calm and quiet house, which brings me to my point of ‘Toddler Silence’.

Now we all know, it’s extremely rare in a household that involves a toddler to have silence, and if there is silence, this normally sends us into a bit of a panic, the unknown of what could be lurking in the next room with the silent toddler. Is he ok? What has he broken? What has he drawn on? Is the room even still standing? It just amazes me what a toddler can do in a few minutes of silence, I honestly believe they have some super powers with speed, it’s unreal!

So one morning this week, we were doing our usual wake up routine, Jack will get Finlay out of bed whilst I feed Jacob in our room, and then when I’m done we head downstairs to start our day. However on this day, just after I’d finished feeding Jacob I was met with a realisation that I hadn’t heard my toddler for a good few minutes, and so this must’ve meant that 1. (The unlikely) that he was just playing nicely, or 2. (The most definite) that he was up to something.


Not only had my silent toddler managed to trash the nursery, he had managed to sneak out of my room with Jacobs formula and proceed to use it as an indoor sandpit!

Although there is no doubt that these times make you feel like the day is just going to be so bad that you might as well go back to bed, they are also precious, hilarious moments that you really never want to forget, because before I know it, he won’t be the silent mischievous toddler, he will be grown up, and I won’t have these little moments to hold onto.





One thought on “{The Ordinary Moments 16} #7 – The Toddler Silence”

  1. Eeeek! What a mess. But you are so right, these will be the stories that we talk about in years to come. I always remember on the 2nd December one year LL ate the whole double advent calendar for her and Mads. Literally every single chocolate. We still talk about it now! x

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