Siblings Project – February

I can’t quite believe my littlest is now over 4 months old! 4 months of watching a beautiful bond form between my two boys. This month I’ve noticed more than anything that Jacob is really beginning to watch Finlay in everything that he does, and I can see him almost willing himself to grow up so he can run around with him. He finds him hilarious and I can really see the love between them growing stronger and stronger.

Finlay cannot get enough of his baby brother, its becoming clearer every day that Jacob is his top priority at times, in the mornings he likes to know where he is. At night times he has to say goodnight to him and give him a kiss over anyone else in the room. He just adores him and it makes my heart burst.

This month I’ve definitely noticed Finlay becoming a little more confused by the fact that his baby brother isn’t able to run around with him or dance, and play with his toys. He is always asking for him to come and play, which is really difficult to explain why he cant. However we do often chase after Fin holding Jacob and this is a game he loves.

I love to watch this bond grow day by day, and I really cant wait to see them playing and running around together too.




The Me and Mine Project

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