{The Ordinary Moments 16} #7 – A NOT SO ORDINARY WEEK.

I have previously written about the past week and the difficulties in it, but I don’t feel I could really write about anything else this week, as it’s been pretty focused around some awful news we were given about my grandad. Over the last week we’ve felt so many emotions and have gone from a quick hospital stay for him, to being given just weeks left with him. News like this just stops life for a while.

What do you do with news like this? I know life can’t stop, because I have two very young children who don’t understand if mummy is acting a little off, and therefore I just need to carry on as normal, and somedays its easier to do that, but then other days, well, they really are quite daunting. I’m struggling to see my family go through such heartbreak, and I’ve really been trying to see them much more than previously, which is quite awful to say really. I know it shouldn’t take something so awful as this to make you realise you haven’t been around much, but life has very much been quite hectic, and with having younger ones sometimes its not so easy to do that.

So this week has been very out of the ordinary, and so will the coming weeks, sometimes writing it down helps with these heart breaking moments. My main focus at the moment is to be there, and spend whatever time I can with a man who so selflessly loves all of his family so open heartedly. Time is so precious.


Chloe x


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