I cannot believe my little cherub is 20 weeks old! Coming up to the 5 month mark seems near on impossible! He still seems so new and tiny yet I feel like I can’t remember just how small he was as a newborn! We have now lost that cute little newborn look and are beginning to see all of your little features and his little personality is just beaming through.


Jacob is still sleeping like such a pro, and has done from around 10 weeks, going from around 8.30-7.30/8, he such a chilled out little baby, and we rarely hear a cry from him, except when it’s getting close to bedtime! He will begin to get so grumpy and ready for bed, he is almost pleading for us to put him to bed, which is really quite cute! We’ve put Jacob in his own room now as we were beginning to disturb him when going up to bed ourselves and the transition has been so smooth and easy!


Jacob is the happiest smiliest baby I’ve ever known, it’s really all he does! He can now roll over both ways and has been doing this for around 3 weeks now! As soon as he is on his back, it’s like he’s making the great escape through log rolls! I can now see him looking so intently at us when we talk to him, and is trying to mouth what we are saying, it’s the cutest thing!


We have most definitely found our hands! He gets so distracted by them, and I can see him really concentrating on them trying to work out what they’re doing! It’s the cutest thing to watch him follow his hands in such amazement. Speaking of hands.. we are definitely getting more able to pick toys up and bat away at them when they’re put in front of him. We have just bought the Baby Einstein Rhythm of the Reef Activity Saucer Centre, and I must say, he loves it! He’s a little bit small so I have to stuff a blanket in the seat with him so that he doesn’t flop about but he loves looking at all of the different toys and features! I think it’s brilliant, and doesn’t take up too much space either!

Finlay got his first tooth when he was around 4 months, and I definitely think Jacob is going to follow closely behind. They are really playing him up at the moment, my poor laid back baby is somewhat a bit on the grumpy side lately, he’s constantly eating his hands and I’m having to change the dribble bib near on every hour! Fingers crossed it’s not waking him in the night at the minute which is good, but we shall see how it goes! I’ve been giving some teething gel, and occasionally calpol which takes the edge off for a little while.

My sweet baby boy, please stop growing, as much as I am loving seeing you come into your little personality, it is somewhat a bit daunting to me, you are such a pleasure, we love you with all of our hearts.


Chloe x



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