{The Ordinary Moments 16} #9 – My Biggest Boy Is Still So Little.

I’ve not been one yet to dress my boys in the same outfits, mostly because Jacob is still too little to fit into the same clothing as Finlay. I have done it occasionally, and I have to say, they look even cuter (if possible) when they are matching. I know its not for everyone to have their children in matching outfits, and that’s fine, but I love to see them look so similar.

On Saturday me and Jack were lucky enough to have a day out shopping in Norwich all to ourselves! I seriously cant remember the last time I went out shopping for the day completely child free, and although to begin with I was anxious about leaving Jacob, I have to say we had such a lovely day. Not having to worry about the next bottle feed being due, or the fact that the toddler is so bored he’s resorted to face planting on a shop floor until we physically have to drag him to his feet (happens rather a lot).

We were in Next and saw a pair of dungarees in Finlays size! I haven’t seen them in his size for a long time and I just adore children in them, I think they’re the cutest thing, Jacob as a dozen pairs and is basically a constant hillbilly baby, but Finlay has none, cue mummy getting beyond excited!

So this weeks Ordinary Moment is seeing my two little boys in their dungarees for the day. My two babies. Fin is growing far too fast, and ever since Jacob was born it’s become even more apparent, but seeing him in his little dungarees just gave me a little glimpse, a little reminder that my biggest boy, is still so very much a little boy, my little boy, in his little dungarees, telling me he wants ‘choc’ and that ‘ruub’ (Rubble) from Paw Patrol is quite honestly the best thing that was ever created in the whole entire world. So innocent.


Chloe x



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