Jacob turned 5 months old on the 8th March, and I decided I would get weaning going. I started with Finlay around 5 and a half months and he took to it really well. I know every baby is different and I believe Jacob was really getting ready and so would give it a try. I know that it’s really important that for the first 6 months of a babys life all they need is their milk, whether you’re bottle or breast feeding, this comes first and so I know that if I feel Jacob is going off his milk in this time then I need to cut back the weaning until around 6 months old.

Even though Jacob is my 2nd child, and I have been through all the weaning before, I really cant remember what I did with Finlay and how much I fed him at what times, so I have been looking around for some advice, and as of yet I’ve not really come across (although I’m sure there is) a diary of what people have fed their children, how much they’ve fed them, how much it’s increased and when they begin to increase the amounts given So I thought I’d do some weekly posts to show just what I’m giving and how much of it I’m feeding Jacob.

With Finlay I only used jars of baby food during the first stages of weaning, and began to give him some of the food we eat when he got a little older, and was having dinners and lunches with lumps in. I personally haven’t seen any problem in the way I’ve fed Finlay, I know a lot of people frown up jars and pouches, but with our lifestyle being out of the house a lot I felt this was the easiest and most convenient way to wean. I’d love to have the time to make an effort to make purees myself but if I’m being completely honest, I just do not have the time, nor the energy when we do finally get home, settled and children to bed to make some purees. It makes me sound so so lazy but it’s just what works for us which I feel is a massive part of weaning. Finlay is the best eater, and will eat literally everything I put infront of him, so It’s not done any harm. Although my bank account will state otherwise. A huge downside to using jars and pouches is just how expensive it can be!

So first things first. What do you look for to know your baby is ready to be weaned? I’ve taken the following information from the cow and gate website, which is full of great tips and useful advice –

Your baby will usually find ways to show you that they are ready for more than just milk -here’s what to look out for:

  • Able to swallow food – getting more in, than around, their mouth
  • Sitting up and holding their head steady
  • Directing objects towards their mouth and putting them in their mouth

Try to wait for a combination of these signs before introducing solid foods. Simply waking up during the night or sucking their their fists does not mean your baby is ready. If you think your baby is ready but is only showing one or two signs.


Jacob has milk feeds at

7/8am (8oz)
11/12pm (7/8oz)
3/4pm (7/8oz)
7/8pm (7oz)
10pm (8oz)

My Health Visitor told me with Finlay to start with lunch, then breakfast and then tea time. This is so you’re giving all these new foods during the day first rather than at tea time where the little ones will be sleeping soon, so that if they were to have a reaction, you and little one would be awake throughout the day and be able to spot any reactions happening.

She also gave me some advice to start Finlay on veg rather than baby rice as really baby rice has no nutritional value and so is a bit pointless (and like cardboard), and so I decided I would do this little routine with Jacob.


Weaning Equipment – Bibs (lots of them), and a pack of spoons from the Tesco Baby Range for 4+months.


MONDAY 1.30pm – HiPP Organic Carrot and Potato – 2 spoonful’s

TUESDAY 1.30pm – HiPP Organic Carrot and Potato – 3 spoonful’s

WEDNESDAY 2pm – Ellas Kitchen Pouch – Carrot, Apples & Parsnip – 3-4 spoonful’s

THURSDAY 1.30pm – Ellas Kitchen Pouch (leftover from Wednesday) – 3-4 spoonful’s

FRIDAY 1.30pm – Cow and Gate Vegetable Medley – 3-4 spoonful’s

SATURDAY 2pm – Cow and Gate Vegetable Medley (leftover from Friday) – 3-4 spoonful’s.

SUNDAY – None given

Keep an eye out for week 2 coming up and please let me know what you think and if theres anything else you would find helpful to read!

Chloe x



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