I haven’t written on my blog for around 2 months now. I have been trying, and wondering, but I just haven’t seemed to be able to get the time, energy, or thoughts together to be able to sit down and write anything. It has felt as though my mind just disappeared for a while. With having two littles, it’s not out of the ordinary to never have the time or energy, but I used to be able to find a little time and enjoy sitting down to write. However over the last couple of months life has been a bit testing and just a little bit rubbish. In March my family lost someone so incredibly special, and it just didn’t feel right to blog at that time. My time was focussed on spending nearly every day with my family, and that’s what it should’ve been, that’s where I felt best, to try and be there with them during that time as much as possible.

However, now we are getting back to a normality, getting back into a routine. With having children, whether it be 1 or 5, you realise their little lives do not stop as it does for a while for everyone around you, they still need to be fed at certain times, go to bed on time, and their demands just don’t stop, because for a while you feel yours does, and that’s fine, that’s how it should be. Of course they don’t understand at such a small age, nor would they ever be expected to. Its been so very hard at times, and ever since that time, I don’t feel I’ve been around as much as I should be, but like I say, somedays getting out of the house is just impossible, which adds to the never ending feeling of life just being a bit too much.

I am really going to keep trying with my blog as I love to keep it as my own little diary, where I can capture snippets of my little familys lives, and watch my littles grow into such lovely and sweet little boys. I really am truly blessed to be their mummy, and despite life being a bit at times cruel (really quite crap), I am extremely lucky and will be forever grateful for everyone and everything I have around me.

Chloe x


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