Finlay At 3 Years Old & A Little Video!

My darling little boy. How is it possible for me to be writing about you at 3 years old? It seems only a short while a go I cradled you, fed you, changed your nappies, dressed you up like some sort of possession, but now it seems those things are firmly gone. Not from memory, but most definitely in reality.

Now it seems you don’t need time for much at all. I’m not sure if it’s because you have a little brother who is still firmly dependant on me so you seem extra grown up. You don’t even like me to take you to the loo anymore, I mean that’s fair enough because let’s face it, it’s a pretty private matter, but still it’s yet another thing you don’t need me for, and I won’t lie, it hurts mummy’s heart an awful lot sometimes.

Dont get me wrong, as much as you growing up breaks me, I am full of pride as I watch you. Watching you learn to face the world which sometimes feels so scary is something you inevitably must do on your own, and it seems you’re taking it all in that stride of yours, you are such a confident little man, you’ll say hello to almost anyone, you love to wave and talk to people, and it makes mummy a little mad that there are people who completely blank you! (Who does that?!).


You’ve just started your second term at nursery and you absolutely love it. You have the biggest smile walking in there, and equally the biggest as you leave. You love to paint & colour, but I think your favourite is pretending to cook people meals in your kitchen and bring it to them “eat your breakfast mummy”, “you want some more?”, I could listen to you all day, well let’s be honest, I do! As from the minute those beautiful eyes ping open you are quite literally a non stop chatterbox until you shut them again at bedtime! Me and your daddy always joke about where an earth you would get such a trait from (it’s 100% daddy).


However, let’s not be fooled, there are a fair few days when you and I seem to bump heads! You can be a little mare when you choose to be, and you aren’t a fan of listening to mummy when she tells you off, I mean I do go on a little, but still my sweetheart, just humour me at least! You aren’t a huge fan of sharing either at the moment, and if I’m honest I know it can be annoying that your little brother wants absolutely everything that you are playing with, but please understand that mummy doesn’t perhaps tell him off the same because he’s a bit too little to fully understand, but in the near future I guarantee he will.

Food. You aren’t big on meals at the moment(ever), but mummy is telling herself it’s a little phase and is just riding it out for now. You’ll of course eat all the rubbish in the world, but when it comes to actual meals they’re a challenge to get into you. We’ll get there though, I know we will.

Please can I just sorry? Sorry for not always having enough patience, or not giving you enough attention, or snapping at you just because I’ve had a bit of an off day in general, or not spending enough quality time with you, or not reading you just one more story at bed time (you do have 3 though!)


I love you, more than I ever imagined I could. From the moment I found out we were expecting you, you were my entire world. I am so proud of the little boy you are growing up to be. You are so sweet and so caring of others and that really makes my heart smile.

I love you my little Finny-bobs, forever & always

Mummy & Daddy x



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