My Top 5 Ways To Amuse The Kids

I seem to always get stuck with what to do with my little brood to keep them amused and content, as if I’m being honest, Finlay especially is a child that very much needs constant stimulation if not he begins to get a little bored, fed up, and ends up being a bit naughty in order to get that attention, I’m not sure if it’s a first child thing? Jacob is very happy to just potter around amusing himself with his toys etc, but I absolutely love to get out and take them places so we can do different activities to keep them both amused, but lets be honest, you cannot go out every single day, and at times I’m afraid my little darlings will just have to be bored. Even though that does mean I end up suffering the cabin fever consequences!


I thought I would put together some things I love to do with my two littles when we have spare time in case you feel in a similar situation to me in that, most days, you just cannot think of anything to do.

Soft Play

I think this one is a given for most parents who are stuck for ideas on what to do with their littles for a couple of hours, but I must say it’s a goodun! I find soft play (although unbelievably stressful at times) a god send. It’s perfect for a rainy day, the kids have so much fun running around like wild animals, it diminishes cabin fever, and at the end of it they are absolutely shattered (including us). This is definitely my top go to on a rainy day!


The Garden Centre

Our local garden centre is called Dobbies, and I must admit I am guilty of being there 2-3 times a week sometimes, but it is linked to a Tesco Extra so that’s ok.. I am ‘doing the shopping’ too. Although I am in there far too often, the kids absolutely love it, and I find it a great way to get them out of the house. They have a little café in their with a play area which sorts them kiddie lunch times out that I can never be bothered to do (does anybody else find making 3 meals a day tedious? Don’t Judge!), but not only that, they sell fish, and rabbits which makes for a great mini aquarium visit and a coo over the fluffy rabbits.

The Park – Going For A Walk

This is fab for when the weather is a little nicer, we haven’t been to the park since well before Christmas as its been a bit wet, and the days its usually dry and nice, I am probably at work, so I cannot wait for more settled/warmer weather so I can take the kids out to the park or up to Sandringham where we can walk and play for a few hours. There’s nothing better than fresh air, Finlay absolutely loves the park and walking around exploring, he gets so excited. Jacob is only just starting to get a bit steadier on his feet so i’m hoping as Spring comes in he will be able to walk about rather than being lugged about or in his pushchair bless him!



If I’m honest, our baking is nothing to wow, it’s usually just a pre-made cupcake mix from Tesco. I have also been known to buy the fairy cakes from there and just decorate those. Either way Finlay loves to make and decorate them. He loves mixing the mixture, adding the ingredients and just generally being involved in it all. Such a simple way to break up or day which is definitely needed at times!


Local Farm

This one again, is for when the weather brightens up a little, but our local farm is brilliant for Fin & Jacobs age. Walking around looking at all of the different animals, having a run around, going on the ride on tractors, playing in the soft play area, they even have trampolines! It’s not the cheapest way to amuse the kids but its definitely a good one, you can spend quite a while at these sorts of places so it can really pass the time.


I find these Winter months so difficult in terms of amusing my littles, but I don’t think I’m alone in saying that. I just find it so much harder to think of indoor activities, especially lately as it has been SO cold! Here’s to longer days and warmer weather!

Chloe x




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