About Our Family


Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time to read our little space on the internet! I really do hope you enjoy following our journeys!

My name is Chloe McLoughlin – hence the blog name! I’m a twenty-something year old from Norfolk. I am a mother to two beautiful little boys Finlay – aged 3 and Jacob aged 1. I started my blog in 2015 after following many blogs for years. I have developed a real passion for writing since having my boys and love sharing our journey through both the fantastic and the not so fantastic bits!

I like to share my struggles through parenthood in the hope to help another parent who may be in a similar situation, as we all know parenthood can be quite a test on our strength!


My first born Finlay, was born in November 2013, and his first few weeks weren’t the kindest after being diagnosed with Group B Strep – Sepsis at just 2 weeks old. He loves nothing more than a good iPhone and a couple of Disney Cars. He is one of most caring and loveable souls on the planet. He is very much a daddys boy and can often be found doing his crazy dance in random outburst. I learn something new in the parenting world with this little guy. He changed my life, and I couldn’t be prouder of him.

Jacob, my little baby boy who was born in October 2015. He is possibly the tiniest 1 year old I’ve ever known, he is a very petite little one, and really quite a sensitive soul compared to his boisterous older brother. He is very much a mummys boy, and very much loves a little kiss and cuddle. Jacob is very chilled in comparison to his older brother, he is more than happy to amuse himself, and potter around in his own little world. Food is his love! Anything edible (& non edible) will be straight in his little belly!


Me & my husband, Jack, were married in August 2013, when I was around 28 weeks pregnant with the oldest! We have been together since December 2011, and are known for not hanging about. We moved in together after just 1 month, bought a house after 6 months, married after 18 months, and had our first baby after 21 months! It has been a rollercoaster, but I couldn’t ask for a better person to share it all with. He is my rock, although at times I may not show it. We are a team and without him I definitely wouldn’t be who I am today.

1379578_10151868719680141_1591241484_n1381551_10151868732180141_1066797367_nThank you again so much for visiting our Blog!

My McLoughlins x



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