Saying It As It Is

It seems more often than not lately I’ve felt overwhelmed by lots of different things. I think its a mix of the boys getting older which means that the two of them together can seem a bit of handful. However I think I have to blame that at times I just feel extremely unmotivated and just plain lazy. I’ve felt for a while now that I don’t do enough with my boys, getting them out of the house or just generally playing with them in the day.

I feel like these two boys of mine are growing in the blink of an eye, and I definitely don’t feel I appreciate every second as much as I perhaps should. Don’t get me wrong I try. I tell myself every single day to do more, and appreciate my time more with the boys, but I really really struggle with that sometimes. It’s not that I don’t want to, because of course I do, but on the same hand, I am tired. Really bloody tired sometimes. I’m tired of house work, I’m tired of making sure the 3 meals a day are as good as possible (which often result as fish fingers and chips), I’m tired of being climbed all over, and my hair being tugged. Motherhood is not glamorous I’ll give you that. By the end of the day I remember I haven’t drank or been for a wee in probably around 12 hours. I’m tired of saying no and repeating every single sentence near on 20 times, I’m tired of washing, and fighting a baby that doesn’t understand why I want to change his nappy (I’m sorry darling but its not massively fun to me either).

All these things are just examples of what occurs on a daily basis, and they sound like minor complaints, and that’s because they are. It only becomes tiring because it’s what happens day in and day out, and when you’re feeling pretty bloody tired anyway, due to being a human being, then these minor things can seem endless tiresome pains in the arse.

I’ve seen a lot recently on social media of people perhaps insinuating that parents don’t appreciate their children enough because some of these people choosing to use a voice. A lot of these posts have nothing to do with appreciating children, nor does it ever come into a parents head that they don’t love or care for their children.

I really do understand that there are people in the world that aren’t fortunate to have children, and I cannot even begin to imagine that heart break, nor would I ever ever intend to offend anyone who couldn’t have children of their own. I don’t even feel that really comes into it when I’m complaining about being tired or fed up that day. However I think what parents are trying to do is let it out, let other parents know its completely ok to not be on the parenting game 1000% of the time, no one is perfect, no one can have a solid instagram worthy day every single day.

I let my child have a lolly as part of his breakfast this morning. Am I proud of that? Of course not, but what I am proud of is the fact that no matter what, I will always be here when they need me, I am raising them the way I believe is right for them, I am trying my best even at my worst, and despite anything that’s thrown in my way, I will ALWAYS put my children first. Surely that’s got to count for something when I’m having a tough day?

Today I took my boys to the park, went to get a cupcake and came home to watch films. Today I had a good day. Don’t get me wrong I still get pretty miffed about the hair grabbing and endless housework, but it isn’t as intensified when you have a good day is it? I will treasure my boys until I am no more, but I will also always let out the odd swear word under my breath when I cant be arsed. Parenthood hey?

Also whilst at the park I managed to take some pretty beautiful (not far off being pinterest worthy, but not quite) photos of these boys of mine, but I want anyone who sees these photos to not be fooled. For these are just happy moments captured in the whirl wind that is my life with my two beautiful yet feisty little boys, who I will love unconditionally even if at 40 I have no hair left!


Chloe x



My Top 5 Ways To Amuse The Kids

I seem to always get stuck with what to do with my little brood to keep them amused and content, as if I’m being honest, Finlay especially is a child that very much needs constant stimulation if not he begins to get a little bored, fed up, and ends up being a bit naughty in order to get that attention, I’m not sure if it’s a first child thing? Jacob is very happy to just potter around amusing himself with his toys etc, but I absolutely love to get out and take them places so we can do different activities to keep them both amused, but lets be honest, you cannot go out every single day, and at times I’m afraid my little darlings will just have to be bored. Even though that does mean I end up suffering the cabin fever consequences!


I thought I would put together some things I love to do with my two littles when we have spare time in case you feel in a similar situation to me in that, most days, you just cannot think of anything to do.

Soft Play

I think this one is a given for most parents who are stuck for ideas on what to do with their littles for a couple of hours, but I must say it’s a goodun! I find soft play (although unbelievably stressful at times) a god send. It’s perfect for a rainy day, the kids have so much fun running around like wild animals, it diminishes cabin fever, and at the end of it they are absolutely shattered (including us). This is definitely my top go to on a rainy day!


The Garden Centre

Our local garden centre is called Dobbies, and I must admit I am guilty of being there 2-3 times a week sometimes, but it is linked to a Tesco Extra so that’s ok.. I am ‘doing the shopping’ too. Although I am in there far too often, the kids absolutely love it, and I find it a great way to get them out of the house. They have a little café in their with a play area which sorts them kiddie lunch times out that I can never be bothered to do (does anybody else find making 3 meals a day tedious? Don’t Judge!), but not only that, they sell fish, and rabbits which makes for a great mini aquarium visit and a coo over the fluffy rabbits.

The Park – Going For A Walk

This is fab for when the weather is a little nicer, we haven’t been to the park since well before Christmas as its been a bit wet, and the days its usually dry and nice, I am probably at work, so I cannot wait for more settled/warmer weather so I can take the kids out to the park or up to Sandringham where we can walk and play for a few hours. There’s nothing better than fresh air, Finlay absolutely loves the park and walking around exploring, he gets so excited. Jacob is only just starting to get a bit steadier on his feet so i’m hoping as Spring comes in he will be able to walk about rather than being lugged about or in his pushchair bless him!



If I’m honest, our baking is nothing to wow, it’s usually just a pre-made cupcake mix from Tesco. I have also been known to buy the fairy cakes from there and just decorate those. Either way Finlay loves to make and decorate them. He loves mixing the mixture, adding the ingredients and just generally being involved in it all. Such a simple way to break up or day which is definitely needed at times!


Local Farm

This one again, is for when the weather brightens up a little, but our local farm is brilliant for Fin & Jacobs age. Walking around looking at all of the different animals, having a run around, going on the ride on tractors, playing in the soft play area, they even have trampolines! It’s not the cheapest way to amuse the kids but its definitely a good one, you can spend quite a while at these sorts of places so it can really pass the time.


I find these Winter months so difficult in terms of amusing my littles, but I don’t think I’m alone in saying that. I just find it so much harder to think of indoor activities, especially lately as it has been SO cold! Here’s to longer days and warmer weather!

Chloe x




Jacob turned 5 months old on the 8th March, and I decided I would get weaning going. I started with Finlay around 5 and a half months and he took to it really well. I know every baby is different and I believe Jacob was really getting ready and so would give it a try. I know that it’s really important that for the first 6 months of a babys life all they need is their milk, whether you’re bottle or breast feeding, this comes first and so I know that if I feel Jacob is going off his milk in this time then I need to cut back the weaning until around 6 months old.

Even though Jacob is my 2nd child, and I have been through all the weaning before, I really cant remember what I did with Finlay and how much I fed him at what times, so I have been looking around for some advice, and as of yet I’ve not really come across (although I’m sure there is) a diary of what people have fed their children, how much they’ve fed them, how much it’s increased and when they begin to increase the amounts given So I thought I’d do some weekly posts to show just what I’m giving and how much of it I’m feeding Jacob.

With Finlay I only used jars of baby food during the first stages of weaning, and began to give him some of the food we eat when he got a little older, and was having dinners and lunches with lumps in. I personally haven’t seen any problem in the way I’ve fed Finlay, I know a lot of people frown up jars and pouches, but with our lifestyle being out of the house a lot I felt this was the easiest and most convenient way to wean. I’d love to have the time to make an effort to make purees myself but if I’m being completely honest, I just do not have the time, nor the energy when we do finally get home, settled and children to bed to make some purees. It makes me sound so so lazy but it’s just what works for us which I feel is a massive part of weaning. Finlay is the best eater, and will eat literally everything I put infront of him, so It’s not done any harm. Although my bank account will state otherwise. A huge downside to using jars and pouches is just how expensive it can be!

So first things first. What do you look for to know your baby is ready to be weaned? I’ve taken the following information from the cow and gate website, which is full of great tips and useful advice –

Your baby will usually find ways to show you that they are ready for more than just milk -here’s what to look out for:

  • Able to swallow food – getting more in, than around, their mouth
  • Sitting up and holding their head steady
  • Directing objects towards their mouth and putting them in their mouth

Try to wait for a combination of these signs before introducing solid foods. Simply waking up during the night or sucking their their fists does not mean your baby is ready. If you think your baby is ready but is only showing one or two signs.


Jacob has milk feeds at

7/8am (8oz)
11/12pm (7/8oz)
3/4pm (7/8oz)
7/8pm (7oz)
10pm (8oz)

My Health Visitor told me with Finlay to start with lunch, then breakfast and then tea time. This is so you’re giving all these new foods during the day first rather than at tea time where the little ones will be sleeping soon, so that if they were to have a reaction, you and little one would be awake throughout the day and be able to spot any reactions happening.

She also gave me some advice to start Finlay on veg rather than baby rice as really baby rice has no nutritional value and so is a bit pointless (and like cardboard), and so I decided I would do this little routine with Jacob.


Weaning Equipment – Bibs (lots of them), and a pack of spoons from the Tesco Baby Range for 4+months.


MONDAY 1.30pm – HiPP Organic Carrot and Potato – 2 spoonful’s

TUESDAY 1.30pm – HiPP Organic Carrot and Potato – 3 spoonful’s

WEDNESDAY 2pm – Ellas Kitchen Pouch – Carrot, Apples & Parsnip – 3-4 spoonful’s

THURSDAY 1.30pm – Ellas Kitchen Pouch (leftover from Wednesday) – 3-4 spoonful’s

FRIDAY 1.30pm – Cow and Gate Vegetable Medley – 3-4 spoonful’s

SATURDAY 2pm – Cow and Gate Vegetable Medley (leftover from Friday) – 3-4 spoonful’s.

SUNDAY – None given

Keep an eye out for week 2 coming up and please let me know what you think and if theres anything else you would find helpful to read!

Chloe x



We have recently just moved Jacob from our room, to his own, in a big boy cot and everything! He’s growing so fast, and although I’m really sad not to have my little baby still next to me, it did give me a reason to give the nursery a much needed tidy & de-clutter. We have been using this room as a bit of a ‘storage’ space (more like just a load of rubbish), so I finally took the plunge and completely made it all pretty and tidy again so he could go into it.

I have done a post about Finlays bedroom which you can find here, so I am now finally able to do it for the nursery!


Chest of Drawers – Mothercare
Storage box – IKEA


I showed in Finlays bedroom tour his own little harrods bear which he received from my Auntie, and when Jacob was born she bought him one for his year too. I absolutely love them and think they are such a lovely idea.


This lovely Scrabble frame was a gift from a lovely friend when Jacob was born, its so gorgeous that I haven’t taken it out of its wrapping. I just love the little buses and ticket with his details on. Such a thoughtful gift.


This lampshade was bought from Mothercare along with all the other bits to the set, I think its so sweet, and since Finlays room is done in Green, I wanted to go for a different colour theme.


I showed Finlay having one of the little Yankee candles on his shelving unit which was bought for him by his Nanny, she also bought Jacob one in ‘Baby Powder’ it smells gorgeous and I think its just a lovely little keepsake for their rooms.
The Little Brother Big sleepsuit was another gift from a lovely friend, I haven’t opened it to put Jacob into it because I love it in this packaging sitting in his room, I’m a nightmare for being sentimental about things!


This Cot Mobile is again part of the set we got from Mothercare, it’s a nautical theme and plays music.



When I was pregnant I really wanted this style of frame so that I was able to put our little boys scan pictures into, I was lucky enough to find one in the same theme as the nursery. I love how it shows the growth of him.


I absolutely love this shelving unit, it has little hooks so you can hang things up, it was from Mothercare but I’m unsure if its from the same theme. The bookends at the top, one of which is an anchor and the other a boat, again from Mothercare, along with the matching frames.

Chloe x



I cannot believe my little cherub is 20 weeks old! Coming up to the 5 month mark seems near on impossible! He still seems so new and tiny yet I feel like I can’t remember just how small he was as a newborn! We have now lost that cute little newborn look and are beginning to see all of your little features and his little personality is just beaming through.


Jacob is still sleeping like such a pro, and has done from around 10 weeks, going from around 8.30-7.30/8, he such a chilled out little baby, and we rarely hear a cry from him, except when it’s getting close to bedtime! He will begin to get so grumpy and ready for bed, he is almost pleading for us to put him to bed, which is really quite cute! We’ve put Jacob in his own room now as we were beginning to disturb him when going up to bed ourselves and the transition has been so smooth and easy!


Jacob is the happiest smiliest baby I’ve ever known, it’s really all he does! He can now roll over both ways and has been doing this for around 3 weeks now! As soon as he is on his back, it’s like he’s making the great escape through log rolls! I can now see him looking so intently at us when we talk to him, and is trying to mouth what we are saying, it’s the cutest thing!


We have most definitely found our hands! He gets so distracted by them, and I can see him really concentrating on them trying to work out what they’re doing! It’s the cutest thing to watch him follow his hands in such amazement. Speaking of hands.. we are definitely getting more able to pick toys up and bat away at them when they’re put in front of him. We have just bought the Baby Einstein Rhythm of the Reef Activity Saucer Centre, and I must say, he loves it! He’s a little bit small so I have to stuff a blanket in the seat with him so that he doesn’t flop about but he loves looking at all of the different toys and features! I think it’s brilliant, and doesn’t take up too much space either!

Finlay got his first tooth when he was around 4 months, and I definitely think Jacob is going to follow closely behind. They are really playing him up at the moment, my poor laid back baby is somewhat a bit on the grumpy side lately, he’s constantly eating his hands and I’m having to change the dribble bib near on every hour! Fingers crossed it’s not waking him in the night at the minute which is good, but we shall see how it goes! I’ve been giving some teething gel, and occasionally calpol which takes the edge off for a little while.

My sweet baby boy, please stop growing, as much as I am loving seeing you come into your little personality, it is somewhat a bit daunting to me, you are such a pleasure, we love you with all of our hearts.


Chloe x